Germany 2012

Trekking through Germany……..Berlin, Potsdam, Dresden, Nuremberg, Munich, Heidelberg, Trier, Cologne and places in-between.

Wonderful cities, great architecture and beautiful spaces in-between.

Brandenburg GateWhere East met West ………….Brandenburg Gate.

Socialist mural on a building in East Berlin.

Marking the location of the Berlin Wall.

Building Facade1East Berlin facade with socialistic tribute.

Checkpoint Charlie looking into East Berlin.

Five Flags_Oil Paint

Allied flags near Checkpoint Charlie.

Courtyard1Berlin courtyard.

Old and NewPlaza near the Brandenburg Gate with the Bundestag to the left.

Graffiti left by Russian soldiers in WW II left within the walls of the Bundestag below for all politicians to see on their way to and from the Parliamentary Chambers.

Wall Russian

German ParliamentObservation area in the Bundestag providing views of the City.


Modern  Parliamentarian offices adjacent to the Bundestag (above and below).

Office Bldg
Waterfront Bdlg 1Building facade along the River Spree.

War Memorial Anti-war memorial in Berlin.

Golden Gate

Gates outside the Imperial Palace in Potsdam.


Fresh spargel (white asparagus) at a street market in Potsdam.

W_Door and Bike

Bike outside a shop in Potsdam.

Dresden Square

Dresden was literally rebuilt from the rubble left behind after the firebombing of February 1945.

Dresden Rebuilt

Dresden Details

Dresden Opera House1

Semper Opera house above with a detail from an interior column below.

House Pillar 1

Dresden Palace Bridge


Water Building

River Pegnitz in Nuremberg

World Congress Building

Hitler’s unfinished World Congress Building in Nuremberg modeled after the Roman Colosseum.

Munich Castle

Palace gardens outside of Munich with interior details from various palaces below.

Golden Door

Palace Interior

Munich Palace Wall

Palace Interior 1

Islamic Door

Munich Theater

Theater at palace in Munich.

Church Interior2

Baroque church interior outside of Munich.

Bavarian Alps

Bavarian Alp town of Schwangau.

Castle Courtyard

Interior courtyard of Neuschwanstein Castle (Ludwig II) above with a tower below.

W_Castle Tower1


Bridge over the River Neckar entering Heidelberg.

Heidleburg Plaza2

Plaza in Heidelberg with ruins of Heidelberg Castle on the hill.

Heidelberg Aerial_Viv_Tone_

Heidelberg from the Castle with details of the ruins below.

Castle Wall 2 BWBuilding Facade
W_Castle Door

W_Moslem Women

Two women by the well at Heidelberg Castle.


Italian style villa next to Heidelberg Castle.


Heidelberg river-front feature above with a variety of local village doors and windows below.

Door and Window
Window Seat

Roman Gate

Roman gates in Tier above with iron doors below.

Roman Doors

Square with Flowers

Street scene in Tier.

Old Room

Crypt in church outside of Tier.

Ending where we started…… the Brandenburg Gate.

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1 Response to Germany 2012

  1. Karen Lowrey says:

    Hi Bob, These pictures are stunning! The colors in ‘the bike outside shop in Potsdam’ are breath-taking and ‘two women beside a well’ should be framed…among others. I think you’ve already got your post-retirement career! Thanks for sharing…Karen


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