I first got involved in photography in 1969 when my Dad came back from Japan with a 50 mm f1.4 lens mounted to a very cool Minolta SRT-101. Soon after I went on my first photo expedition and became hooked on photography.  At that time there was also a movie out in the theaters by director Michelangelo Antonioni aptly titled “Blow Up”. The film was about a photographer in London leading a very hip lifestyle that happened to document a murder in a park that he was unaware of until he began to “blow up” the prints. It was a very cool movie and depicted a very cool lifestyle. I was doubly hooked.

In college, I was a Biological Sciences major intending on going to med school. I was an excellent but uninspired student and as my enthusiasm for the subject matter began to wane, I started looking for a new direction.  I subsequently enrolled in a summer class that took me and 19 fellow students around the State of California talking to park rangers, city managers, resort operators and others involved in parks, recreation and entertainment. It was through that exposure to a variety of people, places and things  and in particular a landscape architect (Richard Bigler and his wife) in Orange County that I found something where my interest in photography (and everything else) could be integrally linked into a profession where I could also be my own boss.  I’d found a new direction, changed my major to landscape architecture, and subsequently got my Bachelor of Science degree in the subject matter at UC Davis followed by a Masters at the University of Pennsylvania. Thirty five years later, I look back and say that I made a wise decision.

Photography has been an important tool throughout my career documenting both the built and un-built environment. My emphasis and portfolio has expanded recently documenting experiences in Africa, Asia, Antarctica, New Zealand, South America, Europe and my backyard; North America and the US.

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